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Chipotle Orange bbq Sauce

May 29, 2009

This sauce is great slathered on almost anything. Its sweet , smokey, hint of tomato and orange with a splash of heat and loaded with flavor! It screams for Pork tenderloin, ribs, chops, pork or turkey tips, chicken, turkey meat loaf, shrimpies, grilled sweet potatoes snd steamed green beans. This sauce has sugar so that it will burn on high heat settings. Use low indirect heat cooking methods or apply sauce about 5 minutes before meats are done.

2 Tablespoons of El Yucateco chipotle sauce
½ can of a large( 12 oz) frozen orange juice concentrate
6 minced garlic cloves
3 Tablespoons sugar or agave or maple syrup
1 Tablespoon of Cointreau Orange liquir or Leroux triple sec (the only brands that will give you excellent results!)
1 small can (6 oz) tomatoe paste ( I prefer hunts)
1 1/2 cups water
1 Tablespoon and 1 teaspoon unsulphured molasses
¼ teaspoon sea-salt
½ teaspoon cumin powder

In a sauce pan stir and simmer ingredients for 10-15 minutes and reduce to about half volumn .Cool sauce and use like you would bbq sauce. This is smokey and rich tasting and not anything like commercial store bought stuff. You know what I mean that store bought stuff the flavor disappears after you cook with it.
Lasts about two weeks in refrigerator.