About Lisa Lamme’

Purveyor of hot sauces, gourmet wine & cheese and a celebrated “foodie”, Lisa Lamme’ has had appearances on the Food Network, NBC Today Show, Phantom Gourmet, TV Diner  and Chronicle.
As the proprietor of Gypsy Kitchen, she offers a wide variety of wines, cheeses and gourmet foods to stock any well trained chef or visiting house guest. With your purchase, you’ll get a courteous thank you and personalized recommendation on how to properly accompany your selection.
Getting her start in the hot-sauce business as the owner and trend setter of the first hot sauce store in America, Le Saucier, a chain of stores in Boston in the eighty’s.
Her store is Gypsy Kitchen, located at 1241 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA or at her online hot sauce store at drhot.net.
“The Gypsy Kitchen Cookbook”  is Ms Lamme’s first cookbook with 285 pages  of global cuisine released in January 2011 by Adams Media. Her cookbook is filled with easy appetizers, salads, soups, meat, fish and side dishes. She offers an extensive chapter on ingredients and how to use them. Ms Lamme’ teaches you simple ways to make your own BBQ sauces, rubs, marinades, dressings and condiments. There are also fabulous Mediterranean, Thai, Indian and Mexican as well as South American and comfort food recipes as well. A great beginners cookbook or she has a gourmet side bar for the seasoned chef .
Gypsy Juice is Lisa’s new venture, she is manufacturing her own versatile all- natural spicy sauce which has been dubbed the “elixir of life” by customers. Hitting the shelves, November 19th, 2010. Thousands of bottles have already been sold!

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