to make juniper vodka for Ardoise

6 cups Stoli vodka or Absolute (you may use any vodka you like)

3/4 cup fresh picked juniper berries (mostly  purple & few green berries)

In a sauce pan steep juniper berries in vodka on low heat for 12-15 minutes. Crush a good amount of juniper berries with potato masher while in pot. Cool vodka mixture and pour into vodka bottle with half of juniper berries.  Strain vodka and discard remaining berries. Store in freezer or cool dark place indefinitly. 

   Ardoises for two

  juice of 5 fresh squeezed limes

2 Tablespoons of agave nectar* or substitute a simple syrup

1 cup of crushed ice

4 shots of juniper vodka

2 fresh sage leaves

2 champagne glasses (the old fashioned ones not the flutes)


In a  metal shaker add ice, vodka, lime juice, agave syrup and shake vigorosly

pour into glasses, top each with fresh sage leaf

A surprisingly tasty, refreshing drink.  Reminiscent of a  real margarita but made with vodka and a a bit more personality!

I must give credit to Craigie On Main Restaurant in Cambridge for my first Ardoise encounter.  I did not get their recipe.This is my interpretation of their lovely cocktail!

Juniper vodka is a aromatic, can be used in many sauce recipes that call for dry white wine or dry vermouth. Additions of  a small amount of juniper vodka in sauces like  beurre blanc or a simple butter sauces for fish such as halibut or sole are truly worth trying! 


*Available at Gypsy Kitchen

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One Response to “Ardoise”

  1. Geoffrey Challen Says:

    Dear Gypsy:

    My wife and I are also big fans of the Ardoise. We produced our own reconstruction tonight partially based on this post. A few notes:

    1) Based on intelligence gathered barside at Craigie we believe that they use straight Rain and some very strong infused Juniper syrup—doled out with an eyedropper. (Infused simple syrup?) Google “Juniper syrup” and you can find the recipe that we used. Didn’t bring as much Juniper as we were hoping, however, but we\’ll increase the berry count next time. Juniper-infused vodka may be, of course, a different (and potentially more effective) route to the same destination.

    2) Our opinion is that your recipe uses far too much lime juice! After some tinkering we found that one lime (2 T juice) per 3 oz vodka produces a much cleaner drink that we believe more closely approximates the original.

    Thanks for the help!

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